Confession and regrets — 5 Comments

  1. and I am in total sympathy with this sentiment – discovered that I “don’t want to go home”, and finally said that out loud the other day – it was a little unnerving to realize that that is the emotion I’m in, too. All I can think is that we WILL continue, even in small steps, and just try that. (Front Entry, I’m looking at you!) It’s either that, or dynamite for the boulder, and the city frowns on explosives being detonated in municipal limits

  2. Cleo would happily come eat everything in your house, then you could just throw everything away and not have to worry about it! 😉
    More seriously, you haven’t let us down, and we are still cheering for you. Little steps!

  3. Thank you for the boost. We did get some done on the weekend (thank you, J) and I’m starting to get back in the game. It’s so disheartening sometimes to realize what a huge task it is. I need to stop looking at it as a whole and only focus on teeny parts.

    You’re right, JR, we WILL continue, without ordnance, and we WILL triumph!

    *hugs* to all, and thank you again.

  4. I feel that you are being excessively hard on yourself. Keeping even on the house with all the things that have be going on in your life over the last three years is a major achievement!

    From my perspective, you have made progress and things are improving. You have even said this from time to time.

    I can see how this project can be overwhelming.

    You haven’t let yourself, family, me, or other friends down.

    You may well be burning out. There is good news though, good techniques are available for recovering from burnout and I’d be happy to work with you to help you recover (if you want).

    In closing, I gotta say dynamite, blasting caps or fireworks sound like fine ideas – even though civic government types frown on them. 😀

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