Whoa, Nelly! — 3 Comments

  1. We have a blue box in the kitchen and the recycling was spilling on to the floor before I got around to actually bagging it. I could have sworn it hadn’t been that long since I last did the job though! It definitely sneaks up on you.

    And binders of recipes are always very cheerful things, especially when personalized notes (and stains) attest to their deliciousness!

    Wait, that was actually last weekend! (Wow, time flies!) How did you do with your goal?

  2. Binder – done! Each recipe is in its very own plastic protective sleeve to keep it legible over time. Much handier than trying to root random printouts out of the pile. I’ve even used it over the last week to create enough frozen meals to last me a month. Hopefully this will create some time…. eventually…. maybe…..

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