Maxine rules! — 4 Comments

  1. So, writing my goals in a notebook, and then hiding the notebook in the bottom of my purse hasn’t proved to be the most motivating of approaches to this goal stuff. So, here I go again for this week:
    1. Clean out under the sink in my bathroom.
    2. Walk up one extra flight of stairs each day
    3. Submit my d*** ethics approval.

    • Have you tried wearing the notebook around your neck? Naw, this is probably a better approach, now that I think of it. Welcome! I look forward to helping you celebrate your successes and bury your failures in a desert late on a moonless night.

  2. BTW, what are K-cups? You have a secret addiction to microwave Kraft dinner? They’re what police dogs drink out of? They’re coffee cups you stole from Krispy Kreme?

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