Why is it? — 7 Comments

  1. How many times have I said “it didn’t get like that overnight. It’s not going to go away overnight.” Give yourself a hug and know you’re making progress, Linda. Sometimes you have to make a mess to clean one up.

  2. I know, and thank you for the reminder. I’m just at one of those places where thing seem to be going backwards instead of forwards; the only visible change is not for the better. Hopefully soon there will be a sudden *poof* where it all comes together.

  3. Keep looking at the freezer! That was a major accomplishment, but because it’s behind a door, you won’t easily see it when you’re walking by. (And a half hour definitely doesn’t make my house sparkle, it just gives me time to hide the worst of the mess behind closet doors. I think the only people who can sparkle in a half hour are those who never really let it un-sparkle in the first place. We don’t like them. 😉 )

  4. I must keep reminding myself that there will be a *poof* moment…..

    I wish I could leave the freezer door open so it would be more obvious. But since the door blocks the way into the kitchen, I’d keep smacking my head on it, so that wouldn’t work very well. I’m glad we don’t like them; I was feeling a bit evil for doing that.

  5. Might work better if you just put a picture of the inside of the freezer on the outside of it… Maybe a little less satisfying, but a lot less chilling!

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