So fast — 2 Comments

  1. Geez Louise, Linda. I need a beverage to go with that one. So much thinking.

    I’m sorry about the mice, but I imagine they had an incredible life in your company. Lucky mice.

    As for time passing, I feel like you’re on an uphill grade right now. Not an overly steep one, just one that keeps you going in the right direction without being overwhelming. Hang in there, keep plugging, keep smiling!

  2. Ooo, beverage! I wonder where I put that bottle of rum…..?

    I just lost one who was only 8 days shy of the “oldest ever” record for the Mutt Mousery. Poor little Blake. At least she went quickly.

    It feels like a very very loooooong grade. Too bad that kind of uphill plodding doesn’t burn calories.


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