Epic fail — 4 Comments

  1. Oh dear, Mercury retrograde usually snarls things up beyond recall. Oh well, I can always blame the planets for not getting stuff done, right??

    Actually, I’m hoping you’re right about the ease of finishing things. It would be nice to finish something instead of always having stuff start itself then get interrupted by something else starting itself.

  2. I am not adding up “checks” or “fails” (’cause they seem to be slightly out of balance!) – but the Green bag is ready to go, I can open the basement door without knocking over many things, and the litter tray has been refreshed – sometimes, you takes your yesses where they happen

  3. Congrats! Those sound like complete anti-fails to me. I’ll bet the cats agree, too. Yep, you certainly do take your yesses where you can. Some day, I, too, will grasp that concept.

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